About me

Hello world! I’m Marcos, I study a BSc. Computer Science and Bs. Statistics. My goal was to study Physics, but Big Data seemed fun, and I’ve played with computers since I was a kid. After 2 years, I learned what Machine Learning was, and I decided that I wanted to focus on it.

I was sick of toy problems/datasets in class, for this reason, I started to solve real-world problems on Kaggle (Google’s Machine Learning competitions platform) where I still participate in competitions organized by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, santander, etc.

During the summer of 2019, I had the pleasure to do an internship at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) working under the supervision of Dr. Norman Warthmann who taught me everything I know about DNA analysis and Bioinformatics.

  1. In October 2019 I was invited to present a paper at International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV ‘19) in Seoul, at a Google Research Workshop.
  2. A few days later, in November 2019 I presented my solution for the Kuzushiji Recognition Challenge at the Japanese Culture and AI Symposium 2019 in Tokyo.
  3. Moreover, I also participated in 2 Workshop competitions at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR ‘19).


When I think about Machine Learning, what I know, and what I have left to learn… this phrase comes to mind:

There’s a big difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. - Richard Feynman

Right now, I only know the names (models and techniques), what they are for and how to use them… but I want to learn how they work so I can understand the above correctly. I want to know something, not only the name of something. And that’s the 2nd reason why I want/need to do a PhD.

At the moment, I’m focused on Computer Vision, why? trying to emulate the human sense of sight is incredible. Mainly these 2 topics:

  • Autonomous robots (SLAM, 3D Point Cloud, Object Detection, Segmentation…)
  • Medical Imaging: Cells classification, Diagnose Diseases, Pathology detection.


Check my Projects for more information and see what I invest my time on. From working on Autonomous Cars to classify cells or detect pneumothorax.




  • Autonomous Robots. I’m more interested in SpotMini and ANYMal than autonomous cars. Multiagent systems, Multitasking robots, 3D Object Detection, SLAM, etc.
  • The Human Protein Atlas: Classify subcellular protein patterns in human cells, Disentangling biological signal from cellular images …
  • Disease Detection/Diagnosis: Detect diabetic retinopathy, Pneumonia/Pneumothorax, Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection …

As you can see, my 2 passions are robotics and medicine.